How Bias Influences Critical Thinking

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How Bias Influences Critical Thinking
Aisha Smith
CRT/205 Critical Thinking
Dr. Gye Johnson
July 30, 2014

When we use our head to find a solution or solve a problem we take things from one perspective. We must look at our situation or our surrounding, and try to figure out how we are going to handle whatever the issue is. We can get someone to give us an outside looking in objective view, but will we actually use the information that they give us? Instead of incorporating the information to help us make a decision, we instead take the information and throw it out the window. We are what they call bias when things don’t go our way or we don’t hear what we want to hear.
We as a society or as humans’ period are strange at times. Some of us hate to be wrong, and can never admit to being wrong. But I’m not going to touch on that. I’m just writing to show you how people can make decision that are bias. Everything we doing in this world are based on some type of bias ideal. We can never be truly open minded about anything. I myself have been guilty of making bias decisions. But I will say that if we use Critical Thinking skills instead of just shall we winging it we will be more successful in our ventures. I feel that if more people learned this skill then we would be well on the way for making fewer…...

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How Bias Influences Critical Thinking

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 B. Know the names of the eight activities (each has an alternate term, but just need to know the main ones on the picture), and be able to match up descriptions of these activities with the correct name. SEE YOUR HANDOUT. 
 C. Know the steps in the paramedic method, and be prepared to apply them to a problem sentence. Steps given below. 
 Diana Halpern's (1996) Framework for Critical Thinking 
 Definition: Critical thinking is the use of cognitive skills or strategies that increase the probability of a good outcome. CT is purposeful, reasoned, and goal-directed. 
 Answer the following questions: 
 1. What is the goal? 
 First step in improving thinking is to be clear about the goal or goals. Sometimes there are multiple goals; sometimes the goal changes as we work on a problem. If the overall goal is not OPERATIONAL (i.e., "get a good grade" or "reach a good decision"), then identify operational goals (write clearly, address all elements of the assignment, evaluate the consequences of alternative decisions). 
 2. What is known? 
 Review what is known. You may know more than you realize, once you start taking a census. You may also realize that some of the apparently information is not certain at all. If you are completing an assignment or solving a problem for someone else, review guidelines for the assignment and ask yourself what the person cares about and values in a solution. 
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