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A forbidden fruit tastes sweetest

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to talk to you about a very interesting topic which you will enjoy. I will talk about the phrase a forbidden fruit tastes sweetest. This is a phrase which we are all familiar with. How many of you have been tempted to do something eventhough you have been told not to? I’m sure you have. This is just what “A forbidden fruit tastes sweetest” means. It is when you are forbidden to do something you get more of a desire to try it out. This applies to Kids, Adults and even animals. But today I am here to speak on how this very interesting phrase refers to us kids. From our small ages we were very inquisitive of our surroundings. I’m sure you would agree. If we weren’t we wouldn’t be able to adapt ourselves to everything around us. Therefore when our parents say, “DON’T DO THAT”, “STOP!!!! BEFORE YOU HURT YOURSELF”, “NEVER TOUCH THAT AGAIN.” We will be tempted to find out what it is like as it is “forbidden” and we think it would be a worthwhile experience but it doesn’t turn out to be a fairytale ending. Let me relate to you one of my personal experiences which is quite a hilarious one eventhough I didn’t find it funny at first. I really loved parties; I bet all of you do. I tried my best never to miss one, but one day I got the news that my friend’s birthday party would be tomorrow, so I asked my parents and guess what they said….. “No, son our car is being serviced so we don’t have any transportation.” I asked them if I could go in the bus but they said, “NO WAY, YOU CAN’T RIDE ON A BUS.” I was not a guy who was used to the outdoors therefore I have never ridden a bus. So……… I wanted to experience it and when my parents said ‘no’ I felt a greater desire to ride a bus, so I came up with a plan. I pretended I was going to the party with one of my friends but I got on a bus and I was off. Let me tell you, it was THE…………WORST experience in my life. I had to stand as there were no seats left. I was squashed flat by the amount of people. Someone spilt a soft drink on me when the bus came to a halt and with all this commotion I missed my stop. When I got down I looked at the sign. It said Colombo 7 which was 5 kilometers from where my friend lived. “Why me” I said to myself. I had to call my mother and apologized for my mistake and asked her to take me home. Wet as ever I was taken home. Fortunately my shoes (which were nike originals) weren’t wet or damaged. From that day I learnt not to follow the forbidden fruit. Well now I jolly well know how to ride a bus mind you. My advice to everyone is not to follow the forbidden fruit. It can be tempting but you would end up being squashed and wet like me. Well….not squashed and wet but something gruesome might happen to you. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to permanently not do anything but as you grow up you will have to do it and find out how to manage it.

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