Healthcare vs Fitness

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Health Care Vs Fitness
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Health Care Vs Fitness

This paper will discuss how the healthcare industry and the fitness industry both address the individual health needs of a person; however, the cost and method of healing differs between the two industries.
In the healthcare industry, an individual is identified as a patient. Upon the first visit of any medical facility. Personal information is collect by the front desk staff. The patient has to complete a health questionnaire that list any prior conditions, current lifestyle habits like drinking or smoking. They also provide all of their medical insurance information. They are even interview by a nurse to hear what symptoms they are feeling. Their vitals are recorded to assets their current condition. And then they receive a physical exam by the physician who will diagnose and prescribe a personal plan of care for that patient. In the Fitness industry, an individual is identified as a member. Upon the first visit to the fitness facility, a new member fills out a health history questionnaire and provides their credit card information. Also as part of the introduction process the member receives several sessions with a fitness trainer that will review their health history and help develop and workout program to help the member reach their goals.
The cost of healthcare has increased over the few years. With the increase of obesity and other lifestyle diseases, the cost of care has escalated because of poor community health status (Thomas E Kottke, MD, MSPH: George J. Isham MD, MS, 2010, para. 2). With poor health requires more quality staff to deal with them and thus requiring the hospital to increase their rates.
All medical facilities are governed by state and federal agencies. The bill rate and what each medical facility gets in reimbursements varies from facility to…...

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