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Community Health Nursing
Task 4
Naomi Tashman
Western Governors University

Disaster Planning and Simulation

A. The Public Health Director is responsible for the actions of the personnel of public health. Under the director are 6 section chiefs that solely responds to him or her. Its goal is to create a public health incident command system center along with selecting designated chiefs and command staff. They’re asked to develop and implement strategies used to carry out their plan of action and to supervise their field resources. It’s imperative that the operations section chief have a solid background in the area and some type of experience in leadership. Along with these attributes, they assign and supervise the staff in the field. The Liaison Officer Chief is the point of contact for outside agencies. Their role provides briefings and therefore they would need the input from all of the other section chiefs. It usually comprises of community representatives and support agencies. This officer also has the ability of to protecting the director of public health and only refer what is needed up the chain of command. The Logistics Section Chief acquires the items needed to complete the task. Some of these objects include supplies, space, equipment, and other similar tools. In this role, an individual should at least be a novice in regards to communication skills and common knowledge. The finance/administrative section chief must have a background in proper financial processes. This person records resources, completes payroll and accounting for the predicament. They make sure all financial contracts are accurate. The Public Health Officer is responsible for a fair amount of tasks. It makes sure that the appropriate public…...

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...their families but also group work with certain patients, consultation, and training of other professionals. They also are involved in planning and policy development within the hospital and with various health agencies. -A medical social worker frequently obtains important information on the living conditions, environment, habits, personality and income of patients. Through interviews with the patient and members of his or her family, the worker gains an idea on the social and emotional components of the illness and how these components affect treatment. SLIDE 3 “Interviewee” SLIDE 4 “The Work” -TARGET: During the months of October and March, there is a large influx of “snow birds” admitted. -CLIENTS NEEDS: Information is also obtained from previous admission notes and chart. The patient’s history and physical , tox screen, and  physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy evaluations also assist the social worker in assessing needs. -TREATMENT: The patients and families are also active in discharge and treatment plans. Weekly meetings are held with all social workers in the Case Management department to discuss difficult cases. “GIVE EXAMPLE ABOUT WEEKLY MEETINGS” Physical Therapy to determine discharge SNF VS ALF HOME WITH HOME HEALTH CARE/ RN EVAL ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES FOR PLACEMENT ---NEGLECT TYPICAL CASE:As cliché as it sounds, there is not a “typical case”. Each patient has their own set of strengths, weakness, social......

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