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Question #1
The purpose of developing and maintaining a succession management process is to have a safety net for the company to fall back on, in situations similar to the one faced by Stonewall Industries. The succession management process is cultivated by the HR department and consists of qualified, trained candidates seeking a position within the company. The degree to which the risk management of the succession pool embodies is determined by the sufficient funds used to maintain it. Since the talent is being drawn from groups of individuals who are being sent on call in a moment’s notice, monetary compensation is expected. The overall ideal of having a succession management system in place is to enable a faster response to the impending need for an executive staff member.

Benefits of implementing a succession management process are:
1. Improve internal candidate pools.
2. Assure business continuity.
3. Reduce skill gaps.
4. Retain employees.
5. Help individuals realize their career plans within the organization.
6. Develop leaders more quickly.
7. Encourage the advancement of diverse groups.
8. Improve employees’ ability to respond to changing environmental demands.
Question #2
Creation of elite corps of employees: * Managers fear that publicly identifying those who will be promoted, a cadre of “crown princes” will be created. * They may coast through their job, they know that their contributions have already been recognized and the reward is in the near future. * The organization as well may not invest sufficiently in the further development of these promotable employees – increasing the risk that their competencies and motivation will decline. * A big problem also occurs, when a recognized individual does not actually get promoted. At that point, they feel humiliated – de-motivated, they will either leave the organization or…...

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... Healing Hospitals: A Daring Paradigm Tiffany Johnson Grand Canyon University HLT-310V April 13, 2014 When it comes to the issue of spirituality and healing hospitals, the healthcare providers in hospitals must consider the emotional side. “The view that people do not change into one dimensional beings when they become patients and their emotional needs increase when the body is in a weak constitution. Chapman gives a model in which “Total Loving Care equals Higher Standard. In this view, there is the patient there is the disease and there is the humanity shown by the health care provider. Humanity is the healthcare providers feeling about the disease (Chapman, 2007).” Healing hospitals in the United States are becoming more of the norm and expected level of care offered by health care facilities and hospitals throughout the country. The Baptist Healing Trust determines the designation of the top healing hospitals. “The mission of the Baptist Healing Trust, a private grant making foundation, is the sacred work of fostering healing and wholeness for vulnerable populations through strategic investing, philanthropy, and advocacy (healingtrust.org.)” Parrish Medical Center located in central Florida has ranked number one in healing hospital for three years in a row as of 2008. The vision of Parrish Medical Center is: healing experiences for everyone, all the time. In a world dominated by technology, so sophisticated that it is possible to send astronauts into space. The......

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...Healing Hospitals: A Daring Paradigm Anna Hernandez Grand Canyon University Spirituality in Health Care HLT-310V Richard Hudock July 27, 2014 Healing Hospitals: A Daring Paradigm Spirituality and religions, effects on health has become an increasing interest to scientist since the 1980’s. According to Smith (2006), spirituality has gained such a momentum that there are multiple articles and several textbooks on spirituality since the year of 1989. The consensus is developing that spirituality and religion are closely related to physical and psychological health and that spirituality and health are an important focus in nursing research (Smith, 2006). Spirituality, however, has many definitions. The majority accord that, it is defined as the manner by which persons seek meaning in their lives and experience transcendence-connectedness to that which is beyond the self (Smith, 2006, p. 41). Spirituality has two dimensions and is a highly complex concept. There are two components of spirituality that are generally described. The vertical, which describes the transcendent, is the connection between a patients (inner body) or something outside such as, a higher power or the divine (Smith, 2006). The horizontal component relates to the connection between persons. This consists of individual and social support that are, set in, the spiritual context by religious setting and spiritual relationships (Smith, 2006). The American Association of Critical Care Nursing (2006)...

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...Psychology Today Find a TherapistTopicsGet HelpMagazineTestsExperts Carolyn C. Ross M.D., M.P.H. Carolyn C. Ross M.D., M.P.H. Real Healing The Healing Paradigm Everything I know about medicine, I learned from my patients. Posted Feb 12, 2011 SHARE TWEET EMAIL MORE Recently, I have been thinking about what it means to heal and how that's different from being cured. The definitions aren't that different apparently. Heal is defined as: To restore to health or soundness; cure. To set right; repair: To restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness. v.intr. To become whole and sound; return to health. Cure is defined as: Restoration of health; recovery from disease. A method or course of medical treatment used to restore health. An agent, such as a drug, that restores health; a remedy. To become whole and sound, to restore to health is, I believe, what we as health care providers strive for for our patients. What has often surprised me is how little becoming whole and sound looks like what I would have expected when I graduated from medical school or was new in practice. What I thought I was to do as a doctor was to cure disease. Sometimes, in my experience, disease can be cured, but the person is not returned to wholeness. Take for example a patient who has been diagnosed with cancer. Even in the event that they are cured of the cancer, their relationships with family or friends may remain sick, not whole. I would have done my job or what I......

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...Module 1: Assignments Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm HLT- 302 Spirituality and Christian Values in Healing Care and Wellness Sunshine Weeks Eric Chapman, founding president and chief executive officer of the Baptist Healing Trust in Nashville, Tennessee, envisioned a healing hospital that would cover not only the physical aspects of healing but the emotional and spiritual components (ericchapman.com, n.d.).  My work will describe the healing hospital paradigm and how spirituality influences this paradigm. In addition, barriers to the Healing Hospital paradigm will be discussed along with Biblical scripture that supports compassion in the health care system. The healing hospital paradigm it focuses on the removal of stress and other health risks in the hospital environment for both patients and visitors. . The healing hospital paradigm it involves in healing the whole client (Young & Koopsen, 2006, p. 4) instead of just curing the disease. This emerges from the paradigm’s focuses on healing beyond the body physical: it aims to enhance the overall well being by addressing the patient’s and their families’ cognitive, emotional and spiritual concerns (Milstein, 2005). A healing hospital goes beyond windows, walls, and mortar. Its strong culture of love and caring is what sets it apart from traditional hospitals (Chapman, 2010, p.15)... The concept is to supporting a strong culture of caring for their patients and caregivers. Healing Hospitals use......

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The inception of the “Healing Hospital” is not new. Healing hospitals in various forms have been around throughout history. As hospitals were slowly taken over by religious orders they became more holistic concentrating on all aspects of healing including physical, mental, and spiritual. Instead of focusing on the patient as a carrier of disease and death they began to look at them as a person that has certain fundamental needs for existence. One of these needs as fore mentioned is spirituality. Spirituality simply defined “is that which relates to or affects the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Spirituality touches that part of you that is not dependent on material things or physical comforts” (Living Words of Wisdom, n.d.) 
“A healing hospital is built on the ancient tradition that love is at the center of healing. Within that framework, the Golden Thread – a symbol of our faith in God – requires that we strike a balance between the latest scientific advancements and the demands of the human spirit. As healthcare providers, we are called upon to tend to our patient’s heart and head. For a hospital to truly be healing, the Golden Thread must be continuous. As both healers and patients, it is the Golden Thread that connects us all” (Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, n.d.). 
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...Healing Hospital Introduction Health care delivery has always centered on holistic approach to patient care and all nursing education revolves around this concept of comprehensive nursing care and delivering a holistic nursing care to the patient. Addressing the patient as a whole not only means curing his disease but also respecting his social, physical, cultural and spiritual values. Healing hospitals are built keeping this in mind. Every human being is religious in one way or the other and leans on to the hope that his God will surely give him deliverance from this physical ailment’s hospital environment should facilitate this. Components of a Healing Hospital According to Chapman 2007 the healing hospital is a concept that more than anything else, it supports the culture of caring. Therefore love is the core of healing. A healing hospital is built on the olden belief that love is at the center of healing. The Healing Hospital represents a vision of true quality built on the most important belief of human existence- loving one another (Chapman, 2007). Their idea is supporting a strong background of caring for their patients and caregivers. Healing Hospitals employ the three symbols of loving services which are: 1. A Golden Thread that symbols faith in god to represent positive tradition of healing, 2. A pair of intersecting circles that symbolizes hope that flow into and out hearts when we experience loving encounters 3. The red heart that symbolizes love.......

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