He's a Black Male They'Re Always Up to No Good

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He’s A Black Male: They’re Always up To No Good

Mary L. Brown

Virginia State University

He’s a Black Male: They’re Always up to No Good

In 1955, Emmett Till, a 14 year old black male was killed in Mississippi. Fast forward, 57 years later, Trayvon Martin, 17, a black male killed, Eric Garner, 43, a black male killed, Michael Brown, 18, a black male killed. What do these victims all have in common? They are all victims of Racism. These tragic killings and the verdicts brought a realism and ugly truth to the public eyesight, that Black males in the United States are viewed as inferior, brutes, Black rapist, perpetrators, suspects, mug shots, dark and scary figures, and uneducated thugs deserving to be killed. They are often seen as so suspicious that law enforcement often shoot first and ask questions later. This is an all too familiar reality for the Black male living in the United States and it has been since the beginning. In 2008, we as a nation elected our country’s first African American President. You would think that would have changed our view on racism, however, that was not the case. A Capitol Hill blue article states, according to a psychologist, Obama’s presidency has triggered the inherent or latent racism in America. (Racism, Still a Hot-button, 2010). The foundation of this country was built on racism and those ideologies still stand true today. Along those lines the Black male has borne the brunt of this. In a book titled Class, Race, and the Civil Rights Movement, Jack Bloom quotes An African American mother talking about how she taught her children to survive during Jim Crow. “It’s like with cars and knives, you have to teach your children to know what’s dangerous and how to stay away from it, or else they sure won’t live long. White…...

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