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Hawaii, the most recent state of the U.S., probably is one of the most popular tourism attractions around the world. Comprised of a chain of 132 islands, Hawaii attracts numerous tourists from around the world due to its gorgeous natural scenery, beautiful beaches, warm tropical climate and unique cultures. Compared to other leisure travel destinations, tourism industry in Hawaii has a longer history and unique features. This essay aims to analyze the development of Hawaii tourism as well as the typologies of tourists come to Hawaii according to a comprehensive research based on Butler’s (1980) model of tourist areas life cycle.

According to the historical visitors data provided by Hawaii Tourism Authority (2012), Hawaii tourism witnessed a massive increase in the last half-century. The trend of development in the tourism industry in Hawaii from 1927 to 2012 (Data from 1942-1945 could not be found) is shown on the following two line charts.

Figure1 & 2 sources: HTA 2012

Exploration Stage: 1870-1941
It is difficult to identify the starting point of tourism in Hawaii due to lack of access to reliable statistical data. Crampon (1976) noted that Hawaii’s tourist trade could go back to the early 19th century. However, his research showed that Hawaii became a real tourist destination in 1870 when regular steamship service between the U.S. west coast and Hawaii set up its first tourism bureau in 1903. It was obvious that the numbers of visitors at that time were restricted because of the undeveloped marine technology.

However, this condition changed rapidly in the next 20 years thanks to the booming economy and ships with faster speed. It was recorded that Matson Navigation Company’s fleet of “White Ships” carrying 419 first-class passengers to Hawaii in 1927. It was the largest passenger ship in the Pacific area at that time (O’Brien, 2008). Matson also…...

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