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II Hanuman Bajrang Baan II हनुमान बजरं ग बाण


II Hanuman Bajrang Baan II
Nishchay Prema Prateet-tay, Vinay Karain Sanmaan, Tayhi-Kay Karaja Sakala Shubha, Sidhi Karain Hanuman

Jai Hanumanta Santa Hitakaari, Suna Liijay Prabhu Araja hamari Jana kay kaaja vilambana keejay, Aatura dawrii maha Sukha deejay Jaisay kooda sindhu mahi paara, Sursa badana paithii Vistaara Aagay jaiyii Lankinii Rokaa, Maarayhu laata gaii sura Loka Jaayay Vibhishan ko sukha deenha, Sita Nirakhi parama pada Leenhaa Baag ujaari Sindhu Mahana Borah, Ati Aatura Jama Kaatara tora Akshaya Kumara mara sanhaara, Loama lapaita Lanka-ko Jaarah Laaha samaan lanka jaari-gai, Jai Jai Dhwani surpur naba Bhai Aba vilambha kayhi Kaaran Swami, Kripaa Karahhu ura Antaraymii Jai Jai Lakshmana Praana kay daataa, Aatura hai dukha Karhu Nipaataa Jai Jai Hanumanta Jayati bala saagar, Sura Samooha samratha Bhata Naagar Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumanta Hateelay, Bhairayhhi Maaru Bajrah-Ki Keelay Om Hrim Hrim Hrim Hanumana Kapisha, Om Hun Hun Hun Hanu Arii Ura Sheesha Jai Anjani Kumara Balawanta, Shankara Suwana Beera Hanumanta Badana Karaala kaala kula ghaalaka, Rama sahay sadaa prati Paalak Bhoota prayta pishacha nischaara, Agni Baitala kaal maari mar Inhain maaru tohi shapatha Ram ki, Raakhu natha Maarayad Naama ki Satya hahu Hari Shapatha paiikay, Rama doota dharu maaru Dhaiikay Jai jai Jai Hanumanta Agadha, Dukha Pavata Jaana Kayhi apraadha Pooja jaapa tapa naima achaara, Nahina Jaanat Kacchu-das tumhaaraa Baan upawaan maaga-girigraha manhi, Tumharay Bala hoo Darpata Nahin Janaka Suta Hari Das Kahawoh, Taaki shapatha Vilamba na laawoh Jai Jai Jaya Dhuni Hota Akaasha, Sumirata Hota Dusah Dukha Nasha Charana pakar jori mana-oan, Yahi awsara aba kayhi gohra-oan Uthu Uthu Chalu Tohi Rama Duhai, Paayain paroan kara jori manaayaii Om Cham Cham Cham Cham Chapal Chalantaa, Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumantaa Om Ham…...

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