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Group task
The lesson my partner and I are planning is a 100 minute lesson of netball. For this activity to run successfully my partner and I need to take many things into consideration such as the planning of the lesson, we will need to think about availability of the facility’s and make sure other classes aren’t using them on the day we will also need to think about the equipment we will need what drills we can do and time management.
My partner and I are sharing the work load equally. We are doing the lesson plan together and researching drills that we can do in class time. On the day we are going to set up the lesson together and throughout the lesson we will take it in turns of explaining each drill.
Do achieve a successful enjoyable lesson my partner and I are going to make a detailed lesson plan marking out what equipment is needed, what drills we will be doing and the duration of each drill. We will also be doing some research on netball so that we are more educated when taking the lesson.
Me and my partner Jett organized our lesson by looking up on the internet some drills that we can do in our lesson, from that we made a lesson plan which had all the drills we would be doing, how long each drill will take and what equipment will be needed.
Some difficulties we uncounted were that we couldn’t locate some of the equipment we needed for our lesson, to overcome this we had to make a change to our warm up activity and do a different one that didn’t require that equipment.
I think a lack of planning was the reason we encountered this problem, we didn’t go and find out the location of all the equipment that we would need and just assumed it would be there on the day. This resulted in us having to alter our lesson.
Some improvements I would make to the presentation is that I would have been more organized with the planning of the lesson as…...

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