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Good afternoon my name is Andrew Lloyd current CEO of the Luxor hotel Melbourne and we are here today to emphasise the importance of operating at high standards of performance and implore environmentally and socially sustainable practices, in particular the section of housekeeping. It is the Luxors aim to operate in quality service in economic growth, employment retention and environmental protection. It is out initiative to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, actively improve out environmental performance and reduce our impact and create environmental education and awareness for our staff and customers.

The reason the Luxor hotel Melbourne is actively going “green” is for a number of reasons, the first being a competitive advantage with over half of potential customers stating they are more inclined to use a environmentally friendly hotel as apposed to one that is not (Kirk 1995). Another advantage of going green is employee retention, as employees are more likely to be enthusiastic and motivated when they share the same values as the company (Graci 2009). The most prominent but by no means the main reason for going green is the cost saving associated with going green (Brebbia 2004). The main reason the Luxor is committed to implementing environmental management systems is because as Hervé Houdré, general manager of the Willard intercontinental states “ it is not and opportunity but a responsibility” (Green convergence pp. 10).

Herve has created an extensive sustainable development program for his hotel and the blue prints for the intercontinental to follow suit (Green convergence), this is what the Luxor Melbourne hopes to accomplish and set the standards for all Luxor hotels. We will first be addressing environmental concerns within Housekeeping as we see this as a quicker transition than other departments and allow us to see the…...

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