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GOVT 2305
Presidential Elections Project

See the assignments file linked below for the state assigned to you.

Research the politics of the state assigned to you in order to answer the questions below. The following information sources may prove helpful (you may need to copy and paste the links into your browser):

State elected officials and members of Congress by state:

Presidential election outcomes by state:

Presidential election outcomes by state:

2012 election outcome by state:

Good Advice:

· Do not wait until the day the assignment is due to begin work. That is a prescription for a very poor grade.
· Don’t complete this project until you have studied up on presidential elections, especially the Electoral College.
· Read the questions closely before answering them. Students frequently lose points for failing to fully answer each question. In particular, if the question asks you to write a paragraph, that means you need to write several sentences. A paragraph is not a single sentence. As you recall from your English class, paragraphs have topic sentences, several sentences in the body that develop the topic sentence, and a concluding sentence that ties the paragraph together.
· Review all of your answers before you submit your completed project. Students often lose points for submitting answers that are contradictory. Make sure your answers are consistent and make sense.
· Never, never, never copy and paste from a website. The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn how to find data, report it, and interpret it. Copying and pasting…...

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