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Google Glass This is the future Google glass will change how we live. Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone hands-free format. It works with voice command through the internet like a phone would. The glasses do not have lens in them it’s just a little computer screen type device. “Testers have found the glass to be quite comfortable” (Hill,2013) This is a new way to advertise products. This is a new way to buy products and to communicate with the sellers. You can look at something you want and it will read what it is and take you to a web site where it is available. “Simply look at them, find out where they’re from, and buy them instantly within (literally) the blink of an eye.”(unknown,2013) This will change the future of shopping online. Google glass will be the future of mapping. This product will read where you have walked. It will have satellite, and street views, it will also have 3d views on the maps. This product uses Google maps to help you navigate just like a gps on a cellphone but only hands free. Google glass is going to be the future of journalism. This will make it way easer to record people hands free. You will be able to get video footage on the go. This will make it less suspicious when you are undercover trying to get info instead of holding a huge camera. With this new technology I think it would be invading our privacy by not knowing you are being recorded.
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