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Self-Assessment on Goleman’s Leadership styles and EQ model
MBA XXXX – Leadership Effectiveness


Self-Evaluation on the Goleman Leadership styles:
One of the key qualities of a leader is the ability to adapt to adverse and challenging situations. During the initial phase of the project that I was leading, many employees new to the organization were added to my team. I had to show authority and create a sense of vision and purpose that would tie up well with the tasks that they were assigned. One way to do that is to give them enough flexibility and decision rights that would aid them in doing a better job. Immediate feedback on the tasks performed created accountability and I took enough pains to constantly praise the team for tasks that were performed above expectations. The challenging change was quickly turned into a favorable atmosphere in which the team thrived. They enjoyed working towards a common purpose.
One other attribute that a leader should develop is the ability to help co-workers and coach them to success when they are struggling. There was a team member who got a really low performance rating and was down emotionally unable to find ways to improve. Since I had worked with him for some time, I helped him understand his unique strengths and weaknesses and how well he can tie them up with his personal and career ambitions. I encouraged him to think long-term and gave him challenging assignments and tasks where he can prove his worth. I made sure to give him feedback as often as possible. He has really improved since then and just gave me the news that he received the highest performance rating this year. All this would not have happened if he wasn’t willing to get help.
This leads us to another situation wherein an employee absolutely refused to heed advice or take help. This was when I had to adopt the coercive leadership style,…...

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