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Global & International Business Context

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SM0269 Global & International Business Context

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This report aims at facilitating the company’s decision-making process concerning the consideration of expanding its international operations in food retailing to South Africa. The overall competitiveness and investment attractiveness will be based on the extended version of Porter’s National Diamond and supplemented with key management issues of South Africa food retail industry, to which the company can tailor its strategy. The analysis recommendations will be made, that need to be considered by the company before deciding in opening its operations in South African food retail industry.

Brief Summary of South Africa Food Retail Industry

|South Africa, a growing retail market with a population of around 49 million people, possesses a modern infrastructure supporting relatively |
|efficient distribution of goods to urban centres, townships and rural areas throughout South Africa and Southern Africa (Ntloedibe, 2010). South |
|Africa have been identified among the ten new markets most likely to appeal to multinational store groups, along with four other African countries -|
|Algeria, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria (Ventures Africa, 2012). |
| |
|5 Largest Retailers In South Africa |

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