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“Gillette has successfully convinced the world that “more is better” in terms of the number of blades and other razor features. Evaluate this approach to improve the product feature.”

The success of convincing the world with the concept of “more is better” benefits the company: Sales revenue of Gillette products has increased to $7.5 billion and 70% of men around the world have purchased Gillette razors. It’s a great competitive advantage for Gillette to compete with its rivals. While this strategy has worked well and generated great amounts of profit, it also brings setbacks for the company.

This approach enhances Gillette’s innovation on the improvement of razors. On one hand, razors become more user-friendly. The encouragement of buying more increases the sales volume of razors. Men like to purchase Gillette products around the world. At the same time Gillette can receive a lot of feedbacks from them. These complaints, suggestions and recommendations are the big factors for Gillette to improve its products in order to reinforce their satisfaction. For example, the thread processed handles of razors are useful for men when they shave in the bathroom. It’s not easy to slip out of hands. The anti-skidding design makes the products more user-friendly. Although it’s just a small change in razors, customer satisfaction is highly improved. Men start to love Gillette and won’t buy other brand razors. On the other hand, different blades can share one razor. Instead of changing razors, men prefer buying blades. Many of Gillette’s innovations are on blades, so it’s unnecessary to charge razors. Gillette takes advantage of the improvements on blades and makes them generic. One razor can match many different blades. When Gillette comes up with a new blade, customers can try them at a low expense. Meanwhile, it decreases pollution. Not only can the…...

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...Group Assignment (Gillette Case Study) Submitted to: Mr. Syed Ahmed Submitted by: (Group Members) • Saima • Maria Memon • Kashif Soomro • Jawaid Shaikh 1. How is the Gillette Series being positioned with respect to (a) competitors, (b) the target market, (c) the product class, (d) price and quality? What other positioning possibilities are there? a. Premium to competition b. The Best a Man can Get" - not the most convenient or cheap at all, but the most value added products, building on the popularity of sensor. c. Differentiated on functional attributes through innovation d. Price premium at an index of 110 to 120. There are many other positioning possibilities for a Brand. Gillette can position the various products it has separately, or treat Gillette as a master Brand. If Gillett is one Brand, then the positioning should be the same as for the other series of men’s grooming products. However if it breaks it into categories, then there is a shaving line, and then a deodorant line, and it can get into an aftershave line as well, unless it wishes to keep it aligned with the shaving category. In this scenario there can be 3 distinct positioning that Gillette can take up in the consumers’ minds. 2. Is Gillette making the best use of the brand equity that has been created with Sensor? Given that Gillett is attempting to make a name for itself and that Sensor has been its biggest success, it makes sense to use the impetus of that to tie into the rest of......

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