Forensic Nightmare

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A Forensic Nightmare
Shepherd Leach
Dawn George
March 25, 2013

The Enrique Camarena case was one of many mistakes on the part of the corrupt Mexican government. Evidence was improperly collected, scenes were contaminated and much evidence was lost or destroyed. The United States did what they could do and collected what they were able to collect to try and solve his murder and the murder of another agent. This paper will discuss the evidence that was collected, the steps that the investigators followed the many mistakes that were made and what was done well and what could have been done better. In the end the case was tried and the right people were convicted and the mystery solved. The case begins in February of 1985 with a man being shoved into the backseat of a small car from in front of a restaurant where Mr. Camarena was to meet his wife for lunch. This is also when the first of the mistakes in this case were made. A couple of well known drug traffickers were detained as suspects and then allowed to go, only to have it come out later that the Primer Comandante of the Mexican Federal Judicial Police was paid a six figure bribe for allowing the drug traffickers to go. The forensic evidence found in the case of Enrique Camarena was that of a small piece of burial sheet, a piece of rope, a portion of a pillowcase, lab reports, hair, fingerprint and soil samples and some fibers from a nylon rug or carpet. Most if not all the evidence was collected by the MFJP and small samples were given to the DEA upon request. This was another mistake in a series of mistakes committed on the part of the MFJP. Had the DEA been allowed to handle the case from the start things would have been much different. But one must respect the customs of another country when dealing with outside agencies. The steps that were followed by the crime…...

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