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Morenikeji rentals
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Ikeja, lagos

1. Parties
The parties to this agreement are______________________________, hereinafter called “landlord,” and _________________________, hereinafter called “tenant.” If landlord is the agent of the owner of said property, the owner’s name and address is:

2. Property

Landlord hereby lets the following property to tenant for the term of this agreement: (a) the real property known as:
And (b) the following furniture and appliances on said property:

3. Term

This agreement shall run from month-to-month, beginning on:___________________

4. Rent

The monthly rental for said property shall be $____________, due and payable by check by the __________ day of each month.

5. Utilities

Landlord agrees to furnish the following services and/or utilities: ( ) electricity, ( ) gas, ( ) garbage collection, ( ) trash removal, ( ) water, and ( ) __________________.

6. Deposits

Tenant will pay the following deposits and/or fees: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
To __________________________________________________________________
This amount will be refunded within three weeks following the termination of the tenancy; unpaid rent, charges for damages beyond normal wear and…...

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...installed as /usr/sbin/iptables and documented in its man page, which can be opened using man iptables when installed. This is another location it can be found; /sbin/iptables, also iptables is more like a service rather than an essential binary and the preferred location remains /usr/sbin. There is a set of user interface tools that can be used to manage your system’s security profile with a higher-level, more abstracted and user friendly manner than hacking iptables configuration yourself from the shell with individual table definition and rules management commands. The user interface firewall management tools include both CLI capable tools like Bastille, and GUI tools with like KDE’s Guarddog. There is Linux distribution whose main purpose is to provide a GUI front end to iptables with a good amount of configurability, and good default configurations. With integration of the configuration interface with that for routing services and other functionality commonly implemented on a network firewall box. References Andress, M. (2002). Linux firewalls. Infoworld, 24(21), 36. Retrieved from Brooks, J. (2004). SELinux boosts security. Eweek, 21(18), 50. Retrieved from Schryen, G. (2011). Is Open Source Security a Myth?. Communications Of The ACM, 54(5), 130-140. Doi:10.1145/194 1487.1941516. Retrieved from ...

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