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Firewalls help protect a network from malicious intent that can disrupt/totally destroy data or even your hard drive. There are hardware and software versions of firewalls.
• Software firewalls – programs that examine data pockets on a network to determine whether to forward them to their destination or block them. An example of this is two-way firewall is Zone Alarm.
• Hardware firewalls – protect the entire network typically found in broadband routers. It uses packet filtering to examine the header of the packet to determine its source and destination. This information is compared to a set of pre-defined or user created rules which determine whether the packet is to be forwarded or dropped. An example of a hardware firewalls are Linksys and Cisco routers.
Anti-virus software is software used to prevent, detect and remove malware such as worms, Trojan horses, computer viruses and hijackers. Examples include Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender.
Disaster recovery is a process, policy, and/or procedure related to preparing for recovery or continuation of the technology infrastructure. This is vital to an organization after a natural or human-induced disaster. It is a subset of business continuity, focuses on the IT or technology systems that support business functions. The most common strategies for data protection are:
1. Backup recorded to a tape and sent off-site at regular intervals.
2. Backups make to a disk on site and automatically copied to offsite disks or made directly to offsite disks.
3. Replication of data to an offsite location, which overcomes the need to restore the data, often making use of storage area network technology.
4. Use of high availability systems which keep both the data and system replicated offsite. This enables continuous access to systems and data even after a disaster.
Periodic testing of backup restores…...

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