Financial Data Analysis

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Financial Data Analysis

July 14, 2014

Financial Data Analysis Patton - Fuller Community Hospital | Balance Sheet as of December 31 | 2009 and 2008 | (In thousands) | (Audited) | 2009 | 2008 | Assets | Current Assets | Cash and Cash Equivalents | $22,995 | $41,851 | Assets of Limited Use | $27,594 | $41,851 | Patient Accounts Receivable (1) | $58,787 | $37,666 | (net of Allowance for Bad Debts 2009: $11,757 / 2008: $7,533) | Other Receivables (3rd party payer settlements | - | $87 | Inventories | $18,396 | $8,370 | Prepaid Expenses | $95 | $201 | Total Current Assets | $127,867 | $130,026 | Other Assets | Funded Depreciation | $137,970 | $167,404 | Held under Bond Indenture | $73,584 | $75,332 | Property, Plant and Equipment, net | $248,346 | $175,774 | Total Assets | $587,767 | $548,535 | Liabilities and Equity | Current Liabilities | Current portion of long-term debt | $14,599 | $4,185 | Accounts payable, accrued expenses | $9,198 | $4,185 | Bond interest payable | $10 | $10 | Total Current Liabilities | $23,807 | $8,380 | Other Liabilities | Long term debt | $452,945 | $209,255 | less: current portion of long term debt | $14,599 | $4,185 | Net long term debt | $438,346 | $205,069 | Total Liabilities | $462,153 | $213,450 | Patton - Fuller Community Hospital | Statement of Revenue and Expense | 2009 and 2008 | (In thousands) | (Audited) | 2009 | 2008 | Revenues | Net Patient Revenue | $459,900 | $418,509 | Other Revenue | $3,082 | $2,805 | Total Revenues | $462,982 | $421,314 | Expenses | Salaries and benefits | $220,752 | $214,129 | Supplies | $74,584 | $71,346 | Physician and professional fees | $110,376 | $107,065 | Utilities | $1,200 | $1,164 | Other | $1,840 | $1,785 |…...

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...Financial Data Analysis for Patton Fuller Community Hospital Bobbie Griffin HCS/577 April 16, 2012 Crystal Chilman University of Phoenix Patton Fuller Community Hospital This paper will analyze the for-profit organization, Patton Fuller Community Hospital, financial data and determine what happened to with the $1 million that Abigail left to the hospital after she passed.  Patton Fuller is very dedicated into providing excellent services to their patients. This community hospital is owned by a group of practicing physicians with the aim of providing quality care to around 600 plus patients in a complete service setting.  Finkler and Ward mentioned that all health care organizationought to demonstrate signs of revenue in order to obtain newer technology and be able to be compete with other organizations (Finkler & Ward, 2006). The community hospital provided a financial report also known as financial audit.   Gapenski stated that a monetary report show the monetary account of an organization from beginning to end, a cash flow statement, income statement and the balance sheet (Gapenski, 2008).  This statement identifies the financial stability of the organization and includes but not limited to the cash flow statements, income statement, and the balance sheet.  The organization’s financial reports show a considerable differentiation between 2008 and 2009. Based on the examination performed for Patton Fuller Community......

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