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Final Form Professional Ethics Statement
Hanaa Juma
Concordia University- Portland

This ethical statement offers a scholarly and professional analysis of ethical matters that often confront professionals in the educational field. In addition to exploring the foundation of my ethical principles, this paper explores the interdependent relationships of the mind, body, and soul in shaping the whole ethical being and the influence of theories such as Utilitarianism upon my values. The ethics portrayed in my professional life as an educator have the power to impact my students and colleagues immensely. It is therefore imperative to implement a systematic, in-depth analysis of my ethical beliefs, thoughts, and conduct. The professional obligations of the educator require the educator to inspire students and guide them to possess the knowledge and skills necessary to discover “what is excellent and true” (Markie, 1994). This professional ethics statement affirms the role of the mind, body, soul, and community in ethics as well as the responsibility of educators to purposefully and consistently strive for portraying their ethical best in professional relationships and conduct.
Keywords: ethics, utilitarianism, education, mind, body, soul

Ethical Foundation
Among the many facets that comprise the total human experience, ethical frameworks mold and shape the character and the conduct of each individual within both their personal and professional lives. Although there is a plethora of ethical frameworks existing within our contemporary society, each framework is unique and specific to the individual. Because all individuals exist in a state of perpetual development throughout their lifespan, crafting a professional ethics statement requires continuous and deep self-analysis and reflection. Upon conducting such deep self-analysis and reflecting on my beliefs…...

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