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Film Log – ARTH 334 (rev 22 Mar 2014 ) The Black Pirate (1926) Name:

Director: Albert Parker Producer: Douglas Fairbanks Cinematography: Henry Sharp
Editor: William Nolan Fencing master: Fred Cavens
Writer: Douglas Fairbanks (as Elton Thomas), Jack Cunningham
Starring: Douglas Fairbanks (The Duke of Arnoldo/The Black Pirate) ; Billie Dove (Princess Isobel ), Anders Randolf (Pirate Captain); Donald Crisp (MacTavish); Sam De Grasse (Pirate Lieutenant)
Studio: Elton Corp. , distributors: United Artists
Details: Silent w/ English intertitles, two-tone Technicolor and B&W, 1 hr 22 min
Notes: * final kiss w/ Princess Isobel > Mary Pickford * longboat crew >> sailors from USS Arizona • The fight choreographer is the great Fred Cavens. He and colleague Bob Anderson are almost single-handedly responsible for the best sword fights on film from the 1920s to 2000. Cavens was fencing master for every important Zorro from Doug Fairbanks (1920) to Tyrone Power (1940) to Guy Williams (1957-1961; Disney). After Cavens’ death, Anderson took on the next great Zorro: Antonio Banderas.

Read BEFORE watching the movie.
Bennett, Carl. “The Black Pirate (1926)”[review]. Silent Era. 2010. Web. 22 Mar 2014. (Read article in left sidebar & review of Blu-Ray Disc.)

• First major featured film produced in Technicolor • A black & white film was also shot in case the Technicolor fails • Filming in Technicolor was expensive and requires a vast amount of lights on the set and special camera lens prism. Used both technical color camera and black and white cameras side by side during the filming. • The first objective of the color process is the used of orangey-red and bluish green dyes to obtain an accurate flesh tone. Customs and sets…...

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