Fear of Aging and Death

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Fear of Aging and Death
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This paper addresses the fear of death and aging in America. The United States is a culture in which people are judged by their appearance. The media idealizes youth and feeds into the fallacy that becoming older is somehow negative. Thus, the identity of those who are growing older is undermined, and older Americans are often devalued. The reality, however, is that God has a plan for every phase of our lives. Research indicates that between the ages of 75 and 84, 73% report no disability, thus proving that older Americans are living long, healthy lives and are valuable assets to society (Vaillant & Mukamal, 2001). Appearance has no relevance on the contributions one can make in society. Furthermore, our fear of death is irrational. Death is often feared as a result of our diminishing faith in God and unbelief in the reality of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Death is not the end of life, but only the beginning of eternal life in a place free from illness, heartache and death.

A Society Obsessed with Youth
Americans are obsessed with youth and physical beauty. The average adult male in the United States spends thirty-two minutes getting ready in the morning (Hamermesh, 2011). The average adult female spends forty-four minutes (Hamermesh, 2011). Time is not the only thing Americans spend on their appearance. “In 2008, the average American household spent $718 on women’s and girl’s clothing, $427 on men’s and boy’s clothing, $655 on infant clothing, and $616 on personal care products” (Hamermesh, 2011, p. 4). This accounted for a total of 400 billion dollars, and over five percent of all spending in 2008. Furthermore, it is estimated that the market for anti-aging remedies will rise to 114 million dollars by the year 2015 (Crary, 2011). In a market saturated with…...

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