Fatal Love

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Fatal Love

Hello my dear friend,
I always wanted to express my true feeling for you and in this letter
I hope you find it satisfying to be an explanation of my actions for this is my last letter that I shall ever write to someone significant

I remember the time when we were children
You have been always been there for me in times of my hardships
You have changed my life for the better where I made horrible mistakes
You made me dependent to your brightness of your kindness and power

It is as If I am the flower,
And You are the sun that illuminates me
Bringing me light and strength
In time of my wilting

But why do you not notice me?
Yes, you notice as your friend to be there as your support like a bridge to a pillar
But you never saw me as a woman to be someone worthy of romantic feelings
It is as if my presence is the same as the wind that blends with the background

Your eyes always wander to someone else to devote your feeling
You are ready to lay down your love for her and die for her
Your love for her can no longer move mountains but the world itself
You molded your life for her and you got nothing in return

I wanted be the one who receives that love for me to bath in its warmth
I wanted to be the one that you will protect to the bitter end of time
I wanted to be the one who you will do everything just for love
I wanted you to love me

And so as the years go by and we are still friends,
You still wait for that woman to give you love
But your efforts became like frozen water in Cocytus where no matter how much you wail it is useless

That is why I did what must be done for this is the only solution that I see fit for I'd rather see my ship at the bottom of the sea than in the hands of a pirate

I could not resist myself the temptation of your vessel you drove me to this when you could not feel my longing
I cannot…...

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