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Family Health Assessment
NRS- 429V

Family Health Assessment 2
As a nurse, it is vital to remember that the family of the given patient plays a large role in their promotion of health. Family health practices, whether effective or ineffective, encompass activities performed by individuals or families as a whole to promote health and prevent disease (Edellman, 2004). The Gordon’s eleven Functional Health Patterns Assessment is a useful tool in assessing and evaluating the family’s developed health patterns, allowing the health care provider a better look at the overall health of a family as a whole. This allows for interventions to be uniquely crafted based on the findings of the assessment, ending with a result of better health outcomes. This paper will discuss the health habits and perceptions of the Foster family which was interviewed by this writer using Gordon’s assessment. Open ended questions were formulated to get an idea of how this family functions related to health promotion and the overall perception of their well being.
The Foster family is a family consisting of a wife and husband in their fifties and a son who is 29. The wife and husband, M. Foster (wife), and D. Foster (husband) live alone, being that their child is grown and has moved out. The first assessment question is how the Foster family perceives their health. They view themselves as overall “healthy”. M. Foster states, “We try our best to stay healthy and do what we can. We try to eat good and exercise when we have time.” (M. Foster, personal communication, April 17, 2014) The Foster’s drink alcohol socially and neither one of them smoke tobacco products, although are former smokers. They do not get annual health screenings stating, “We really only go to the doctor when something is wrong that we can’t fix.…...

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