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TITLE: Word Association Test
The formation of word association and perceptual defense aim to measure signs of emotional complexes and to be able to identify the degree of threshold for each selected stimulus. The apparatus needed were paper, pencil and ninety-nine (99) stimulus words. For the procedure, the experiment has 1 phase: determination of association reaction time and the measurement of recognition thresholds. Ninety-nine carefully chosen words were presented one at a time. The experiment concludes that there were different signs of emotional complexes and different degree of threshold for each selected stimulus words. Because the subject had difficulty in reacting to certain stimulus word, the subject felt unpleasant with the stimulus words so the individual laugh.
Perceptual defense not only do absolute threshold vary from person to person; they also vary from time for a single person. The type of stimulus, the state of one’s nervous system, and the cost of false “detections” all make a difference. Emotional factors are also important. Unpleasant stimuli, for example, may raise the threshold for recognition. This effect is called perceptual defense. “Dirty” words took longer to recognize when flashed on a screen that did “clean” words. Apparently, it is possible to process information on more than one level and to resist information that causes anxiety, discomfort, or embarrassment ( Dember&Warm,) Term use to refer to the fact that the perception of some stimuli requires a longer exposure than perception of other stimuli. In other words, the thresholds for recognition of certain stimuli are higher than the thresholds of recognition for other stimuli. (…...

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