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Author : Rebecca Sweeny
Title of article : Social Networking Sites: More Harm Than Good?
Published date : 27 April 2012
Retrieved date : 23 May 2013
Website URL : http://netwokconference.netstudies.org/2011/04/social-networking-sites- more-harm-than-good

A social networking site can be defined as an online service that is based around the building and reflecting of social relations among individuals with common interests or social ties. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Linkedin share some key features, which is they enable users to create a profile within the website to represent themselves and allows users to interact through email, instant messaging and other integrated communication channels within the site. The popularity and growth of social networking sites over the past five years has been colossal, as many people from all over the world join up to this social phenomenon for various reasons. In fact, social networking sites do cause more harm than good.

Identity theft is a huge problem in today’s society and has come about as a result of the rapid expansion and availability of internet technology and the increase in personal data found on social networking sites. Such sites encourage you to edit your profile by adding your interests, full name, address, contact details, relationship status and other personal details. This information disclosure causes a huge problem as the information made it easy for the identity thieves to verify themselves as being you.

Another negative impact that social networks have on our relationships is the fact that they might weaken our strong ties with acquaintances and also bring about physical social isolation. The term “social networking” misleads people into believing that they are being social. Traditionally, we would regularly call each other and have more…...

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