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Economy Value Added (EVA) and Market Value Added(MVA)
In the business world, basically the financial ratio is the most common indicator to measure the performance of a company. But there are also others performance indicator for investors to choose. For example the Economy Value Added (EVA). Besides that, there are also one performance indicator which called Market Value Added (MVA)
MVA is one of the indicator for a company's performance. According to Stewart, Market Value added measure the corporate performance cumulatively. Besides that, Market Value added also represents the share market’s assessment for a time period of the net present value of a company’s past and forecasted projects. (Stewart, 1991) The formula for MVA is
MVA=Market Value of Company-Invested Capital

EVA is use to measure the economic profit and EVA is also the internal measurement of a company performance. EVA is a element that drives the MVA. The formula for EVA is
EVA=(ROIC-WACC)×Invested Capital
If compare the EVA and MVA, the EVA is more suitable to making comparison between company and evaluate the performance of company. It is because market value is the performance of the company in long term but EVA is focus on short term performance. MVA is the combination of market value of company and invested capital which will not have the dynamic changes over the short period time. But the EVA is based on Return on Invested Capital and WACC which will have a lot of changes over the short period. Besides that, from above, we know that MVA is the performance of a company which counted cumulatively, so the performance is the company whole life performance. But the EVA is not. So, the EVA will have more changes if compare with MVA and shows the performance of the company better.
Although both MVA and EVA show the performance of company, but the MVA is rely on the share price and…...

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