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When asked to critically discuss the statement: “The Supremacy or Primacy principle is central to understanding the unique nature of the European Union Legal Order”, there are a few things we must first understand as this statement actually asks us three questions. Firstly what is the “unique nature” of the European Union (EU) Legal Order? Second, what is the supremacy or primacy principle? And finally, how important is the supremacy or primacy principle in achieving the goals of the European Union Legal Order? In my answer I will not separate these issues out, but instead I will attempt to answer the question with these issues in mind.

According to Hendrik Jan van Eikema Hommes “if a multiplicity of legal rules displays a juridical unity, we can speak of a legal order or a legal system.” The European Union represents a supranational legal order within the specific fields delegated to the institutions and the competence of the community. This supranational federation is a new political entity which works above the individual national governments which make up its membership. The European Union is considered unique in this respect due to the level of integration which raises the Union from being merely an international agreement to being a supranational entity. Martin Steinfield describes the EU is a “federal order of sovereign states that has to grapple with legal political and economic relations in the wider world”. He also argues that “mixity” is at the heart of the European Union since the union must balance the integrity of its own new legal order against the sovereignty of member states. “Mixity” however doesn’t explain how conflict is resolved within the EU between higher policies and member states. “Mixity” doesn’t explain how the EU has attained harmony and uniformity.

Supremacy, in legal and political terms, refers to the hierarchy of authority or the…...

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