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Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur Human Resource Managment Assignment - 1 Date - DEBANJAN MUKHOPADHYAY Vinod Gupta School of Management 13BM61K11 , KOLKATA

Question 1. Discuss what do you think of the measurable criteria that Lisa and the CFO set for their new incentive Plan.

Answer 1.
The measurable criteria that Lisa and the CFO set for their new strategy oriented incentive Plan to differentiate between high performing and low performing employees could be based on the few of the following points :

a. Speed, efficiency , promptness and timely service to the costumer .
b. The behaviour put forward while serving the customer and friendly gestures and wishes.
c. Delicacy i.e. not only about how fast the service but also include how delicate it was .
d.The employees attitude towards Patience about costumer or Complaint Resistance about costumer complaint .
e. The responsiveness of the employees as how they attended to their post after rest or when their time shift comes i.e On Time / On post .

Again based on the aforesaid behaviors the manager could look at few of the outcomes like :

a. Increasing the stay in the hotel and return rate of the costumer to the hotel a lot more of the times .
b. Willingness of the customer to recommend this hotel to others for their stay .
c. Good image and professionalism of this hotel
d. Feed back from customer about what they think that lacks in the hotel .
e. Increasing the number of guests checkin.

Question2. Given what do you know about the hotel…...

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