Ethnography at the Edge “Dangerous Methods”

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Ethnography at the Edge “Dangerous Methods”

In this paper I explore the mysteries of the work of Ferrell and Hamm’s book Ethnography at the Edge, chapter titled “Dangerous Methods”. This book was created as research to answer some mind boggling questions such as “why do criminals do what they do?” These two criminologist put themselves into the same situations and live the lives of drug addicts, prostitutes and murders in order to understand their ways of thinking before committing these acts. What pushed them to this lifestyle, and what were their other options? Did they have any other options? This paper is a critique of their work, and approaches to criminology. We will compare a number of theories to include the ones used by Ferrell and Hamm, and dictate whether or not I felt this was the proper use of their research. I will also compare the technique of criminal verstehen with other techniques used to understand crime. (Word count 152)

Criminological behavior has been a mystery that criminologist have longed tried to unravel. Many theories have been developed in an attempt to understand deviant behavior. In my personal opinion none have made such an effort to establish an understanding than Jeff Ferrell and Mark Hamm. Jeff Ferrell is currently a professor of Sociology at Texas Christian University and a visiting professor at the University of Kent, UK. He has authored many books such as Crimes of Style, Tearing down the Streets, Empire of Scrounge and has also co-authored a number of other books especially the world renowned book “Ethnography at the Edge”. His co-editor for Ethnography at the Edge, Mark Hamm, is a Professor at the University of Indiana. He is mostly known for his work on high Crimes and Misdemeanors: George W. Bush and the Sins of Abu Ghraib, and the Frontline special titled, The Torture Questions:…...

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