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Ethics Case: "A Good Team Player"

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Ethics Case: "A Good Team Player"

1) Describe the factual situation Steven, a staff accountant in the accounts payable section, is confident that he knows the “ins” and “outs” of the bureaucratic organization he works in. Kristin, a new manager of accounts payable, no non-sense type of manager, Kristin was experienced and determined to perform her new assignment with the same vigor that had brought her so much success throughout her career. Steven believes people seem to gain promotions and have the opportunity to work overtime based on who likes them rather than the quality of their work. As a result, Steven who is dissatisfied with what he senses are political machinations that have influenced managerial decision making within his firm, suggests to Kristin that things would be better if the political could be stopped. Kristin uses the power of her new position to get Steven to give her the names of the bad team players or else she will start to think he is part of the problem. Steven, stunned, cannot think of a way to respond.

2) Identify the possible courses of action. There are three possible courses of action that I can take away from this situation. One situation involves Steven and the company, and one that involves Steven only.
1. Steven would be to respond Kristin's demands and give her the names of the bad team players. By doing this, it would benefit himself in the long run and will allow the company to better their work force.
2. Steven would be to refuse to go along with either of Kristin's demands. Although this would not be beneficial for him and could hurt the company in the long run, it will protect the other employees and their rights.
3. Steven could request time to consider his options. By doing this he can maybe find a logical explanation that will allow the firm to better themselves without any problems.…...

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