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1. A good customer’s check payment has bounced, and they are now very past-due on their account. Compose an e-mail asking them to rectify the situation.

2. A customer complains that a jewelry shipment they received was incomplete, but gives no details. Compose an email asking for clarification.

3. Based on the information on the Frédérique Constant website [], compose an e-mail to a prospective/potential new client summarizing why they should consider Frederique Constant as a brand for their store.

4. Write a brief essay explaining the following: * the best quality about yourself that will make you an asset to Caribelle * an area (professional or personal) that you consider a weakness that you look forward to overcome with your new position * one or two challenges you think you’ll face as a new employee at Caribelle * one thing about your job experience that will prove helpful in your position with Caribelle

1. Dear Mr. Smith,
We were happy to receive your last payment, unfortunately however, the check was returned to us for insufficient payment. We are sure that you are as anxious as we are to clear up the matter, as you are a loyal customer to our company. We will require a full payment from you within thirty days before further actions are taken. I have enclosed an invoice with the payment amount along with my personal contact information.
Sincerely Yours,
Tyler Stasi

2. Dear Customer,
We received your email regarding your jewelry purchase. However the information you gave us is insufficient for us to rectify the situation. Please respond as soon as possible so we may work together to get this problem solved.
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Tyler Stasi

3. Dear Future Client, Caribelle Time Group is excited to hear about your interest in carrying Frederique…...

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