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Ensure Team Effectiveness

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Assessment 1 ………………………………………………………………………….3
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Assessment 1

Here are some policies to ensure team cohesion within Austin Constructions.

Policies | Procedures | The purpose, mission, or main objective is known and understood by all team members. | Every Monday we hold a meeting for the goals of the week. | Communication in the team is open, direct and honest. | Every morning and afternoon we have tea breaks for team member to communication with each others. | Sufficient leadership is available in the team. | Every month we hold a meeting with all the members and discuss who have a good performance for this month so we can decide the leader for next month. | There is regular review of how well the team is performing toward achieving its purpose. | Every week on meeting we need a review of the past weeks. | There is an agreed organizational structure to the team. | We have a team members’ survey and feed back for structure if anyone have a opinion. | Adequate resources are available to permit the team to perform its function, including skills, tools, facilities, and budgets. | We provide the training courses for team members to gain more skills and knowledge. |

Here are the policies for Austin Constructions. These policies will ensure team cohesion within the organization. And provide everyone an equal environment to work and have a clear way to achieve the goals.

Assessment 2

1. John is a type of Autocratic Leadership. He is always busy serving clients and has little time to listen to staff concerns as any spare time is taken up with managerial administration tasks. It can be improved by Involving with staff they can work together. He needs to encourage team. He can provide a train courses for the staff who need more skill in…...

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