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User Manual Critique
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ENG/221 Technical Writing Fundamentals

Sony® Blu-ray Disc/DVD Home Theatre System N590
In this critique I will analyze the organization, layout, written and visual instructions of the Sony® Blu-ray Disc/DVD Home Theatre System. I. Organization
The user manual for the Sony® Blu-ray Disc/DVD Home Theatre System was well organized. The table of contents helps users search for specific topics which comes in handy especially for people like me who like to skip around for what they need instead having to read the entire manual. The one downfall about the organization is that is doesn’t have a picture of the product on the cover page. Although we know what a Blu-ray/DVD system looks like and it should automatically have the correct manual in its box, there may be an instance where that has not happened or if you misplaced your original manual and need another. The photo would come in handy especially if there is a certain layout that this particular has as opposed to other models. Having the photo is further reinforcement that you have the correct product.

II. Layout
The layout of this manual is standard. The warning sections and intial operating instructions are seen in most user manuals. Something that used to be uncommon which we are seeing more often in user manuals is the unpacking section. This section further details the parts of the entertainment system piece by piece. The remainder of the layout includes more standard sections such as how to operate each source, sound adjustments, settings, and of course a manual is not complete without the index.

III. Instructions : Visuals
Visuals in this user manual are detailed enough so that a first time buyer and an experienced electronics buyer can get the same experience using this manual. Not only does this manual give you instructions of how to set…...

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