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Chapter 1
Android based emergency alert application.
Background of the study
Communication is the best way to connect to people, it is important to communicate well to have a better understanding of one another. It is the exchange of ideas, messages or information by speech, signals or writing. Decisions often dependent upon the quality and quantity of the information received. If the information that has been transmitted is poor or incomplete the decision will often be incorrect.
Over the millennia, human used various ways to communicate to one another in space and even in time, wood and stones, parchment and paper, electricity and electro-magnetic waves. As new media for communication have been created, the old ones have become specialized(Rosengren,2000) although media have change drastically as centuries passed by, it is still not complete and new form of communication is still being created and develop day by day.
One of the ways to communicate is with the use of mobile device. smartphones is now a major source of information device which can be seen in almost everyone’s hand in the world. With increasing innovation Mobile device can process, analyse and store data. Resulting into big efficiency rather than using computer. People will soon be able to access and consume information anytime, anywhere, from any device. As the most widely used computing device, a cell phone or a new generation smart phone, will likely play a significant role in future mobile computing(Zheng & Ni,2005) In addition it is easier to access and cost efficient will be preferred by many. And the fact that the efficiencies brought by the mobile computing result into large cost saving for the organization.
It redefined the usage of mobile phones in the communication world, smartphone gave a new dimension to the usage of mobile phone for the user, apart from…...

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