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DATE: 15-Sep-14
TO: (Prof Paul Meahan, Fanshawe College, London, ON)
FROM: (Priyankkumar Mistri, Post-Grad student)
SUBJECT: Important Factors for Effective Communication
Hello Prof. Meahan I am writing to follow up on our discussion. As you requested, when people communicate effectively, it really helps them feel more comfortable in talking about things, sharing concerns, important information or asking for help.
According to me 4 major reasons/factors for effective and accurate communication in the workplace are listed below. I. UNDERSTANDING: For effective communication at anyplace two people need to have good understanding between each other. A person who reads should be able to understand what writer is trying to tell, likewise it is writer’s job to say clearly what it is they trying to tell reader. II. LISTENING: I think the biggest part of learning to communicate effectively is learning to listen to someone else. Most of the time we tend to listen what we want to hear, whereas in reality persons actually say something different. So listening is significantly required for communication. III. CORRECTNESS: While communicating via text (electronic/paper) spelling should be correct, no grammatical mistakes should be there, usage and style also matters a lot. IV. SPECIFIC: Being specific is necessary during communication. Some of the time we tend to shift from real discussion point to somewhere else which is not even part of discussion. Be clear and specific so that reader doesn’t get confused.
When I was at college back in India, one day during the lecture with feeling of little bit tiredness wasn’t giving so much concentration towards professor. like I was doing day dreaming and not understanding any part of the lecture, I wasn’t even listening to…...

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