Elastic and Inelastic Traffic

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CIS 505: Communication Technologies
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Darcel Ford, Ph.D.
February 26, 2013

DSL and Cable Modem Services Region
DSL could only cover a limited area without a repeater. Therefore, it always to be used as a local loop WAN link. According to Dean (2009), “DSL uses advanced data modulation techniques to achieve extraordinary throughput over regular telephone lines.” (Dean, 2009) There are variety types of DSL and the types could be divided as asymmetrical and symmetrical. ADSL is the most common type of DSL that connect home network to the Internet through telecommunications switches. The DSL connection needs a DSL model to alternate signals between the telephone line and the computer.

DSL makes use of the existing telephone infrastructure as the dial-up access. However, it applies the technique of frequency-division multiplexing which decides the channel into 3 separate links. Therefore, DSL could provide higher transmission rate and guarantee the users to talk on the phone simultaneously.

Broadband or cable Internet access is another prevalent residential access method. A residence obtains cable Internet access from the same company that supports it cable television. As with DSL, cable access is asymmetric, with the downstream channel possesses a higher transmission rate. The difference is that cable Internet access is a shared broadcast medium. Therefore, if there are several users utilize the downstream channel simultaneously, the actual transmission rate is lower.

Dean mentioned: “cable broadband access continues to service the majority of residential customers, whereas DSL is more popular among business customers.” (Dean, 2009)
Speeds of DSL and Cable
Theoretically, the speed of cable could be approximately 30 Mbps. On the other hand, DSL…...

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