Effects of Unresolved Issues in Marriage

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Marital conflicts arise when two people wish to passionately express their individuality within their bonded union. Conflict of any kind is a healthy exercise in patience and understanding. There are positional boundaries’ that should be respected and valued in marital relationships. Marital satisfaction and longevity can be achieved if the two partners adhere to the rules of engagement in their attempt to express their needs and desires while valuing each other’s difference and individuality. However, when there is a sense of love loss within the dyadic relationship, conflicts can become detrimental to marital bliss. Achieving marital satisfaction and longevity can be challenging when passions are high and couples are in a constant state of flux due to verbal confrontation, or gender-role conflict. Keywords: marital conflict, marital longevity, conflict resolution and marital Satisfaction.

Effects of Unresolved Conflict on Marital Satisfaction and Longevity Within the binding bonds of marital bliss, there is a dynamic that occasionally rears its ugly head; conflict. There have been married couples throughout time in memoriam who have declared that conflict does not reside within the confines of their marriages. (These are “the avoiders,” they will be discussed later in this composition.) If this is true, then how does a marital relationship survive if each partner impedes the value of differentiation while still remaining true too, and loving the person with whom they are joined in marriage? Conflict celebrates difference and in doing so, the efficacy of conflict resolution must play a pivotal part in bringing both parties full circle to the point of empathic effort and accuracy toward marital satisfaction and longevity. It is the presence or absence of conflict-related behavior and emotion that best predicts relationship…...

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