Educational Industry Background in Uk

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Effect of Ecommerce on companies and the Industries they operate in
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Educational Industry Background in UK

At recent times, the world economics in increasing rapidly which results in more demand for talents. Many countries around the world face extreme issue over education. Governments of different country have discovered that education institute is very important in modern world. The UK government has introduced a system of national education in 1957 to create world class education.

Education in UK is divided into three categories, which are; primary education, secondary education and higher education. Primary education is the first stage of education which is usually known as pre-school or nursery. Primary education is the first stage of compulsory studies. One needs to complete primary education in order to get admitted in secondary education. Secondary education is the final stage of compulsory studies. GCSE’s are a set of exam which is conducted end of secondary education. After secondary education comes the higher study which refers to college and universities and other learning institute. With various degree programs UK has one of the best higher system educations for student with over hundred universities. One-third of the student in UK attends higher education in some form. In UK most of the undergraduate bachelor degree requires three years if study and an additional year for graduate degree. Where as in Scotland the undergraduate course is usually…...

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