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Dynamic Pricing = Price Discrimination Dynamic Pricing, the idea that prices will change according to the level of demand. Dynamic Pricing is one version of price discrimination that delivers prices to consumers based on their personal attributes and other environment related events. The different attributes are collected by the producer/retailer and are based on bits of information, like age, financial gain, and/or region one inhabitants. The price is then individualized to the consumer.
Many consumers find this practice to be harmful and many companies pre-internet commerce found this practice to be overly expensive. But, now that we are out of the dark ages, companies such as Amazon, Best Buy, and (our country’s favorite) Wal-Mart could possibly be able to proceed with this idea if it weren’t looked down upon so feverishly.
As for the short term aspect concerning both dynamic pricing and the retail industry, it definitely has some problems to overcome if it were to ever succeed for a long term. Because the idea is based strictly on demand, this is hard for the retail world. Most items sold in retail are items that can become quickly outdated simply because they no longer fashionable. Also it is harder to discriminate buyers when the price is published in multiple places all over the internet.
As is well known from the provided literature, the Airline industry is a respected industry that also contains price discrimination. The discrimination is seen when boarding a plane. Certain people get better seats because they paid more for their seats, but other than that there is an annoying coincidence that occurs when buying similar tickets. The tickets may be similar to identical but the price is not similar. Price discrimination causes the prices to be different amongst consumers on the plane.
In Summation, Price discrimination may or may not be a hazard of the…...

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