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Over the years pharmaceuticals have been trying to find multiple ways to improve the drug delivery system for cancer. Microgels and hydrogels were first established, and then the new creations of nanogels were created. Nanogels have grown to have a huge impact for the use of certain anticancer drugs. Although characteristics of nanogels are still being studied by recent researchers they tend to have many advanced features as a drug delivery system. Some features include: simplicity of drug formulation; high drug-loading capacity; exceptional dispersion stability; and prolonged storage of drug formulations in the freeze-dried form. [1] Nanogels are cross linked particles of sub-micrometer size, made up of hydrophilic polymers. There three-dimensional polymer chains are formed by using covalent linkages or the self-assembly processes. [2] A polymer with two different properties such as soluble and insoluble is called an amphiphilic polymer. When the polymer is added to water it creates nanoparticles. The outside of the nanoparticle is called the shell and the center is called the core. When the core is cross linked it then forms a nanogel. Within this experiment cysteamine hydrochloride is added to create crosslink chains in side of the nanogel and TCEP is then added to cleave the disulfide bonds within the gel. Because Nile red is insoluble in water it is added before water during the cross linking reaction. Without the addition of cysteamine hydrochloride the Nile red solvent would not encapsulate inside of the nanogel. To use the nanogel as a drug delivery system, first the drug must be encapsulated inside of the gel. When the gel enters the body, it then enters the blood stream and the drug is release. Depending on the size and the effectiveness of the gel it determines whether the drug is released at a fast or slow paste. If the drug is released…...

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