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TP-Link Portable Wireless N Router
Are you an active internet user? Having trouble to connect to the internet?
Mobile broadband connectivity (3G) allows you to online wherever you have a phone signal , without having to worry about finding any public Wi-Fi hotspot that potentially unsecure. Tethering your Iphone or Android smartphone to your laptop , or plugging in a 3G USB modem are all simple ways to access the mobile web on the move.
But , what if you have more than one device to get online in the same time?
TP-Link offers you a great multi–device experience that allows you to maximize your gadget (+wifi) function.
TP-Link is lightweight and tiny sized. It makes this device easy to bring anywhere.
This device has three modes to accommodate your networking needs. * 3G/4G mode allows you to access the internet by plug in your 3g stick modem. * WISP Client Router Mode. * AP mode
TP-Link Portable Wireless Router is a useful and portable tool for sharing 3G connection to your devices and it offers very cheap price and excellent performance in comparison to similar products.

Adidas Adizero Running Shoes
Comparing the most popular sport apparel brand is not fair without including Adidas in the list, a famous Germany brand for sport apparel.
It provides ultra-modern technology with very basic materials that available over 40 years ago. While the other sport apparel try to use new developed material . Adidas try to give a different running experience by using ‘old days’ material blended with modern technology.
Not as light as common running shoes but the shoe’s responsiveness off the ground makes it feel faster than other shoes at the same weight.
Available colour : Blue with white-striped , Bright red and Yellow sparks.
Adidas Adizero is a highly cushioned smooth ride ready to take your enjoyment to the…...

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