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Silence of the Lambs Name: ______________________________
Bell Ringer Day 2 Date: _______________________________

1. The directors have worked to show us agent Starling’s challenges as a woman in a man’s world. Describe how they have depicted this challenge as well as how she overcomes it.

2. At the funeral home, the officers are examining the newly found victims body. As they are taking photographs, Starling notices there is something in her throat. What do they find?

3. Why is Buffalo Bills next victim such a “high profile” victim?

4. What is Buffalo Bill’s dog’s name? a. Fluffy b. Muffin c. Precious d. Lovely
Quid Pro Quo: Latin for: “something given or received in exchange for something else.”

The Tobacco horn worm moths used throughout the film were given celebrity treatment by the filmmakers. They were flown first class to the set (in a special carrier), had special living quarters (rooms with controlled humidity and heat) and were dressed in carefully designed costumes (body shields bearing a painted skull and crossbones)

After Lecter was moved from Baltimore, he was originally to be dressed in a yellow or orange jumpsuit, but Hopkins thought that it would make the character seem more clinical and unsettling if he was dressed in pure white. Hopkins has since said that this idea came from his fear of dentists.
Quid Pro Quo: Latin for: “something given or received in exchange for something else.”

The Tobacco horn worm moths used throughout the film were given celebrity treatment by the filmmakers. They were flown first class to the set (in a special carrier), had special living quarters (rooms with controlled humidity and heat) and were dressed in carefully designed costumes (body shields bearing a painted skull and crossbones)

After Lecter was moved from Baltimore, he was…...

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