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The Dollar General Informal Analytical Report Professor XXX DeVry University June 1, 2014

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Troy, Michigan (USA) 48084 Dollar General is widely regarded as one of the chief discount vendors in the United States. Based in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, it has over 11,000 stores across 40 states, serving to customers with the idea of making shopping easier, and convenient, by carefully sorting out the goods, and selling them at spectacularly low prices, the store’s growth rate saw a decline Because the targeted audience of Dollar General looks for buying everyday household good at the lowest prices, they are suspended to growing more in periods of recessions. Such stores find themselves under pressure at times because they cannot increase the prices of their goods even when the costs of operations are on the rise. By analyzing the average earnings of household in the West of the country, as well as Upper-Midwest, there is room for growth courtesy of new stores. Opening of their stores in California could well be stressful for them, as the market is challenging, and there is little room for newcomers, unless they come up with impressive deals. On the other hand, their plan of having a merger with their rivals Family Dollar is on the cards, though it is hard to figure out the impact it would have on the two parties/the newly formed company. Also, Dollar General does not cater all departments like several other retailers across the country do; for instance, there is no segment for clothing, and similar items. Also, not much has been spoken about the personnel at Dollar General, as it is usually done for the staff working at their retails stores. Recommendations: * Effective personnel in the stores to guide the customers, who could be persuasive, are likely to encourage…...

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