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Diversity initiative Presentation outline
Are Diversity Initiatives Ethical * Religious Beliefs * A culturally diverse workforce may include many different religious beliefs. * Some religions have beliefs that heterosexuality is the only acceptable sexual orientation. * So managers need to be prepared to address these issues and clarify that whatever an employee’s personal beliefs are they must respect others in the workplace. * Gender Issues * An atmosphere where women have the same opportunity for promotion as men can generate several ethical challenges. * This is because in some countries women are legally subordinate to men * Men from these countries may find it hard to report to a woman and have women hold top executive positions. * Similarly some countries consider it immoral for women and men who are not related to each other to look each other in the eye and interact socially or professionally. * Managers need to be able to address these issues without violating discrimination laws or reducing the effectiveness of the diversity initiative. * Hiring Decisions * An organization that wishes to have a culturally diverse workforce must hire from a diverse pool of candidates. * This can be done by posting open positions with employee diversity networks or by advertising in nontraditional publications. * The hiring manager has to hire person most qualified for the job regardless of race, gender, age, or national origin. * A common ground has to be met between a company’s diversity goals and their equal employment opportunity guidelines. * Business Practices * A business may experience cultural conflict on top of all this when it insists that its employees follow ethical business practices. * In some cultures government agencies expect…...

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...Abstract Diversity management practices are specific activities, programs, policies and any other formal processes designed to improve management of diversity via communication, education and training, employee-involvement, career management, accountability and cultural change. Overall, diversity management places emphasis on the development of organizational strategies and cultures that are not only tolerant of diversity but actively encourage flexibility and inclusion (Burke & Ng, 2006; Childs, 2005). Workforce diversity is increasing and managers need to develop ways to effectively manage the different views and characteristics of the new, diverse workforce. While there has been considerable research exploring the ‘value-in diversity’ approach, many questions remain unanswered. The evaluation of diversity programs remains an area for attention. While many firms have implemented diversity practices, it is difficult to measure the relationship between diversity practices and organizational performance outcomes. Recent research has explored the factors that moderate the relationship between diversity and performance (Grimes & Richard, 2003; Richard, 2000). Richard (2000: 174) concluded that diversity does add value to a firm but the effects of diversity “are likely to be determined by the strategies a firm pursues and by how organizational leaders and participants respond to and manage diversity”. Introduction Diversity is a commitment to......

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...technical and interpersonal skills in order to thrive in today’s business world. These skills include leadership, motivation, team work, conflict-resolution abilities and an understanding of diversity and diversity management. Today’s work population is constantly changing; we encounter different people from all walks of life. As a result there is more interaction among people from diverse cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds than ever before. Maximizing and capitalizing on workplace diversity has become an important issue in the field of management. According to some experts “Diversity can have two competing perspectives. The first perspective embraces the “information value of diversity” and the importance of “celebrating our differences”. The second perspective believes that diversity contributes to conflict because “similarity attracts” and therefore, it is best not to draw attention to diversity and instead emphasize that as human beings our commonalities far outweigh our differences. The first perspective argues for customization, while the second advocates for homogenization. Whatever your perspective, the facts remain the same; today’s work population is changing and with any change comes both challenges and opportunities for organizations and their leaders. Diversity Management is a combination of programs, policies and activities that support an environment wherein employee differences are valued and integrated into each part of the organization's......

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... Alcoa’s Strategies for Managing Diversity. Abstract Over the years, many organizations have been faced with the challenge on how to manage diversity. It is difficult for many organizations to understand what diversity is and what strategies to use to manage it. Managing diversity in the workplace takes an extreme amount of effort, persistence, and dedication from everyone within the organization. This paper explains the background of Alcoa, their philosophy for managing diversity, and the steps they have taken to reach their goals of managing diversity within their workplace. Also if the steps they used were appropriate and if they will work for them in the future. AlCOA’S STRATEGIES FOR MANAGING DIVERSITY. Managing diversity can be accomplished in organizations if the correct approaches are utilized and followed up with. Alcoa is an organization that is dedicated to its strategies in managing diversity in their workplace. They have various approaches that they all work together on as a team to accomplish their goals for diversity. My belief is Alcoa is a great company for anyone to be employed with. Alcoa’s Background. Alcoa is the world’s leading producer of primary aluminum and fabricated aluminum. It also is the world’s largest miner of bauxite and refiner of alumina. In1888, the enterprise was incorporated as The Pittsburgh Reduction Company. In 1907 the name was changed to Aluminum Company of America and later, in 1999, it was shortened to Alcoa. In addition to......

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...1. At Xerox “Diversity Equals Success.” This is a simple equation which certainly has worked for Xerox, a Fortune 500 global document management company. The Company ongoing mission is to ensure a work environment where all employees treat each other with equality, dignity and respect, where employee individuality infuses high- performance teams. Xerox is committed to diversify in the workforce which is a success as a company. Xerox views achieving diversity in its workforce as a tool to increase its competitive advantage, rather than as an obstacle. Xerox is an Equal Opportunity Employee (EOE) and applies these principles to its recruitment, selection and retention strategies to promote cultural and racial understanding and to achieve diversity at all levels of the Company. Xerox has implanted a number of programs: a) Balanced Workforce Strategy b) Corporate Champions c) Caucus Groups d) Training and Development e) CEO Roundtables f) Work life Xerox diversity record has frequently been recognized by external organizations over the years. In 2007; Diversity Best Practices names Xerox among the top-10 U.S. companies in its report, Best of the Best: Corporate Awards for Diversity and women 2003-2004. Xerox was also No. 10 in the “top-50 companies for Diversity” by Diversity INC Magazine, No. 17 in Fortune Magazine list of 50 Best companies for minorities and among “top-30 companies for executive women”, according to the National Association for......

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...Initiative means to have the ability to assess and initiate things independently. It means to take initiative when someone needs something done but they don't want to ask for help, you can take initiative and do it yourself. I define initiative by doing what you think is best for you and helping out others around you because it is right to treat people the way you want to be treated. Initiative is the ability to act and make decisions without the help or advice of other people. Initiative is the first step in a process that, once taken, determines subsequent events it is also a plan or strategy designed to deal with a particular problem. Initiative is a favourable position that allows somebody to control events. I have demonstrated initiative on the job by asking the teacher if she needs any help towards any school work or preparation for the next class. I can also show initiative by being prepared for class, ask questions when needed clarification, and always ask if the teacher needs help in any department. I pass time by walking around the classroom checking if students are on task and not waisting their time doing stuff they should not be doing. I also help with an autistic student in the classroom, I take him to the library so that no one can bother him while trying to do work, and he focus' better when no one is around. I also pass time helping out with volleyball practices and game to get a better understanding of other roles you can play while being a teacher, it takes...

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...the importance of representing constituents, to “doing the right thing,” which is characterized by opponents as “political correctness,” to the current widely held view that a nondiverse board is missing key potential donors and opinion leaders. Diverse leaders can expand knowledge, create new resources, and open doors to partnerships necessary to fulfill an organization’s mission. Recommended strategies for board diversification must be understood in the context of the deeply divided society of the United States. Although North American cultural issues are the result of a unique history, most elements of diversity planning will apply in other countries as well. By the year 2015 the nonwhite portion of the U.S. population is expected to increase to 30 percent NEW DIRECTIONS FOR PHILANTHROPIC FUNDRAISING, NO. 34, WINTER 2001 © WILEY PERIODICALS, INC. 77 78 DIVERSITY IN THE FUNDRAISING PROFESSION (Changing Our World, 2001). In many communities, including large areas of California, the nonwhite population is already at 50 percent (Changing Our World, 2000). Despite heroic efforts on the part of diverse public and nonprofit sector leaders and their allies, gaps between rich and poor, and between people of color and whites, have increased over the past decade: • Poverty rates for full-time U.S. workers have stayed constant in the past two decades while wealth concentration in the uppermost tiers of income has increased (Changing Our World, 2001). • Although Hispanic......

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...groups of Xerox employees dating from the 1960s, play an important role in our diversity story. These caucuses, similar to networking and affinity groups, are instrumental in advocating openness, opportunity and inclusion for the entire Xerox community. They work with management to achieve common business objectives, self-advocacy and to create an environment of inclusion. Six caucus groups currently exist to address the concerns and meet the needs of employees who are African-American, Hispanic, Asian, women, African-American women, gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual. Through executive roundtables, our CEO and other senior leaders meet with diverse teams of Xerox employees, often representing one of our caucus groups. During these informal sessions, participants share their views on Xerox’s work environment and business concerns, and identify actionable items for discussion with Xerox’s senior team. The process ensures that the executive leadership team and the CEO are working together to resABSTRACT. Currently, an increasing number of organizations are attempting to enhance inclusiveness of under represented individuals through proactive efforts to manage their diversity. In this article, we define diversity management against the backdrop of its predecessor, affirmative action. Next, selected examples of organizations that have experienced specific positive bottom line results from diversity management strategies are discussed. The present paper also......

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...Initiative 1: Use the expectancy theory to motivate the staffs. Perry says he was not averse to sharing profit to his staffs but he does not know how to sharing the profit equally to them. As well as he wants to adopt the consultant’s suggestion to increase the percentage of the collections. However he also worried about the mediocre ones cannot get the enough rewards; besides, he wanted to know why this option could improve staffs’ motivation. (1) We recommend Perry to use the Expectancy Theory. We believe this theory can solve Perry’s problem well and responds to his concern. “Expectancy theory is based on the premise that a person will be motivated to put forth a higher level of effort if they believe their efforts will result in higher performance and thus better rewards”(“Vroom’s Expectancy”, n.d.). The first step must to know the staffs’ expectancy; one-on-one meeting will be a good method to get a better understanding of the staffs and let the staffs know what will relate to their expectancy. “Expectancy is the faith that better efforts will result in better performance”(Expectancy Theory of Motivation, n.d.). Time Frame and Scope of Difficulty: 3 months, Medium Difficulty (2) Instrumentality, it means staffs gain reward or get punishment depend on their performance (Theories of Motivation, n.d.). Thus, we suggest that Perry may build a satisfactory set of records, which is used to record the staffs’ performance. As well as the record system must to be......

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...relate to is extremely important to maintain the group in a guided tour; a walk through an information park, where each person can see, feel, touch, and understand on his or her own level what the information means to each individual personally. Even modifying plans when going through the meeting to find a groove in which everyone can relate to, is part of the process for a successful meeting. Also including the audience into the process in helping make the transition from outsiders to insiders and interpreting their immediate action or responses enables the speaker to find a positive flow the audience can follow taking away the desired outcome for each different department. What are some Considerations to Keep in Mind given the Diversity of the Audience? In the organizations best interest is helping employees within the organization reach his or her potential at their job by promoting from within the organization for higher positions including management. As a diverse society organizational management can no longer keep people from different cultures, gender or race in positions like clerical and menial jobs (DeGeer, 1997). Everyone must share in the same opportunities to grow in any organization and be whatever they aspire to be without feeling like he or she is held back because of his or her race. Therefore, obtaining a deeper understanding in intercultural communication is important when addressing a diverse audience by treating everyone with dignity......

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...Introduction “Diversity has become one of the most important issues of the 21st century, commanding much attention in the popular press, conferences, magazines, and the executive suite” (Hubbard ,2004). Every person is not the same and everyone have different cultures and background. Employee diversity means group of people that are different in races, genders, ages, and ethnicities working in one place. Also diversity can be the different opinion of individuals. The objective of this paper is to analyze the value and the benefits of the diversity in the workplace. The learning goals are to:  Recognizing the importance of having diverse work teams.  Exploring ways to enhance diversity in the workplace.  Understand how important managing diversity in the workplace. Analysis “Many Organizations have expanded their recruitment efforts to attract minority candidates” (Daft ,pg. 378 ,2012).Walmart using diversity goal program hold the diversity management team accountable for elevating the standard for diversity and inclusion throughout the company. The program can impact up to 15 percent of official and senior field manager bonuses, based on their diversity goal achievement. Those achievements also account for 10 percent of annual performance evaluations for all management associates who have diversity goal. Close to 60,000 managers in US operations are accountable for meeting diversity goal. According to Walmart website (2014),......

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...SUNY Empire State College Diversity Research Paper: M5 Diversity Audit Angela Politzi Diversity in the Workplace BME-213164 Dr. Robin Churray June 7, 2015 Criteria For the criteria of measuring the effectiveness of the diversity within MasterCard, I will research different aspects that reflect their commitment to having a strong diversity image. I will assess their various diversity programs and analyze how they are benefiting the organization, in terms of capturing market share and retaining and attracting diverse employees. I will also look at their hiring practices, and search for statistics on how many diverse employees hold executive positions. I will also research their supplier diversity commitment and see how their business shows their dedication to this commitment. A strong diversity image should be visible just from the company’s website, as in this day and age, a website is a common place for one to find out more about a company. There should be bountiful information about how MasterCard embraces diversity, and it should be easily found, not buried deep into the contents of the website. They should have a prideful and excited attitude about how diversity can shape their organization. Their diversity programs should show a lot of initiative. A strong organization would have multiple resources for diverse employees to use, being sure not to leave out any one diverse group. Everybody should have a home, and should have others that they will be able to......

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...23 `111 National initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practices through legal aspects that are in the form of: legislations, conventions, regulations, charters and codes of practice lay down by professionals in the respective field bodies. These aspects emphasize on the need to observe human rights, promote equality among all people and embrace diversity present among the people. In the organization this is further enforced through set up organizational policies and procedures that guide skilled employees on how to go about their jobs. To cover this question I choose to take on a few laws and regulations that clearly depict the task at hand. These are: Sex discrimination act1975, human rights act 1998, disability discrimination act 1995, race relation (amendment) act 2000 and the age discrimination act 2006.The sex discrimination act protects men and women against gender based bias or harassment in access to resources, employment, public facilities, goods and services. The national initiative ensures that all citizens are equal and not discriminated against hence are free to access resources ensuring that opportunities are up for grabs for everybody to use. This also ensures that gender is not used as a drawback to give certain job positions within organizations and companies. This is now evident as majority of job holders are from either gender this law also protects against harassment either sexually or getting bullied in the public facilities. This has come a long......

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... organizational climate that is welcoming to all. The Birth of the Diversity Movement The “Diversity” Movement was born in 1987, when the Hudson Institute launched a study titled “Workforce 2000”. The study projected demographic trends that would impact the workplace, as we knew it by the year 2000. One of the predictions made was that there would be a marked growth in the number of women and minorities entering the workforce. In fact, the report suggested that women, minorities and immigrants would account for 80% of the net addition to the labor force. The report succeeded in raising awareness about the need to better understand the many faces emerging in America. The field of diversity was born as a direct result of this study. While Affirmative Action and Equal Employment movements have increased the opportunities for ethnically diverse individuals, the diversity movement has moved the focus to recognizing and capitalizing on total diversity. The differences in ethnicity, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic class, age, household composition, disability, occupation, geography and other demographic factors make up this new diversity. The Goal of Diversity A good diversity initiative is a tool that helps organizations reach their business goals. When an organization states in their mission statement that they recognize the value of diversity, they are stating that they recognize that there are a variety of......

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...Meghan Patt Diversity Managing Human Resources HRM315-1203B-02 Lori Kerrigan Phase1 IND Project August 27, 2012 Diversity In today’s global world emphasis continues to progress towards workforce diversity as the forefront of effective organizational strategies. This has contributed to the expansion of the definition of diversity. We no longer define diversity by race and gender, lifestyles, personality, education, and geographic origin.” Diversity now includes everyone.” Diversity and affirmative action are sometimes confused with each other, though there are significant differences between the two. The term affirmative action involves regulations and laws that regulate hiring and promoting of employees without regard to their race, color or national origin and later expanded to include inequalities and discrimination against such groups such as women, ethnic minorities, the disabled and veterans. However, diversity is a broader concept. It can be defined as understanding, valuing and respecting the human qualities, characteristics and beliefs of individuals or groups that are different, such as ones ethnic or and racial background, cognitive and physical abilities, socioeconomic status, religion and other different states of being. Affirmative action and diversity are separate points, yet both are aimed at stimulating the inclusion of people from different human qualities in the workforce (Larsen, 2011). Cultural diversity is when differences in......

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