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Organization Introduction
In convenience retailing market 7 Eleven has marked their success noticeably. 7 Eleven founded in 1927 where it was just ice dock then became a dairy, it named 7 Eleven because it opens at 7 am and close at 11 pm. Later, due to increase in sales they opened many other stores. In 1928 demand of automobiles raised so they started selling gasoline then after 7 eleven has been recognized a leader in convenience store and growing widely every year. In 1963, one 7 eleven in Austin, TX located next to University of Texas they remained such busy after football game that they couldn’t close. That day store remained open for whole night and from that day 7-11 adopted culture of 24/7 open convenience store. In 1965, 7-11 launched “Icee” name carbonated semi frozen drink which was a big hit and then they re-launched by name of “Slurpee” now it is a copyright and no other business can use this name. Today its parent headquarter is in Tokyo, Japan and local headquarter is in Dallas, TX where all decisions are made for United States franchise. Forbes magazine named 7 eleven at no. 1 among 200 global franchise companies list for 2013. Company is eminent for their continuous involvement to make their customer happy by fulfilling their needs. They are well-known for their use of technology in business, everyday fresh products and superior guest services.
In 2012 they have marked 50,000 stores worldwide, which has surpassed McDonald record. In 2013 they have introduced 7-11 app for smartphones where promotions pop-ups with limited time, it gave them many new customers every day. Each and every store has some uniqueness as it depends on area, people and state for illustration; Washington DC’s stores sells…...

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