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Student discipline is an issue that has been and continues to remain an issue in school settings. Managing classroom discipline is an obstacle that impedes the academic performance of some students. Because all students, even those students who are disruptive in the classroom, are required to be assessed on grade level, it is imperative that they are educated just as the remainder of the student population.
Teachers have the difficult task of educating students. Educating students encompasses many factors in addition to the delivery of content. Other responsibilities of a teacher include such tasks maintaining accurate records, ensuring that modifications are applied to students with special needs, sustaining contact with parents, and employing instructional and management strategies consistent with campus and district initiatives (Wolford, McGee, & Ritchey, 1996). In conjunction with all of these expectations, managing student discipline is yet another requirement of teachers. In the event of student misbehavior, an appropriate consequence is assigned to combat the inappropriate conduct. As the degree or frequency of the undesired conduct increases, the severity of the behavior intervention escalates. Historically, combating student misconduct has resulted in punitive measures that remove the student from the regular education setting.
Human behavior encompasses a wide spectrum of spectrum of events and activities that a human being exhibits in his lifetime. ( General Psychology, A Textbook for College Students, p.3). The Human Behavior had been based on series of events happened to him which triggers the apparent attitude of a person. Most man lives in either two-world; 1. The world-outside-the-work…...

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