Directions for Web and E-Commerce Application Security

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Directions for Web and E-Commerce Applications Security
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Directions for Web and E-Commerce Applications Security
This paper provides directions for web and e-commerce applications security. In particular, access control policies, workflow security, XML security and federated database security issues pertaining to the web and e-commerce applications are discussed. These security measures must be implemented so that they do not inhibit or dissuade the intended e-commerce operation. This paper will discuss pertinent network and computer security issues and will present some of the threats to e-commerce and customer privacy. These threats originate from both hackers as well as the e-commerce site itself. Another threat may originate at ostensibly friendly companies such as DoubleClick, MemberWorks and similar firms that collect customer information and route it to other firms. Much of this transaction information is able to be associated with a specific person making these seemingly friendly actions potential threats to consumer privacy. Many of the issues and countermeasure discussed here come from experiences derived with consulting with clients on how to maintain secure e-commerce facilities. These methods and techniques can be useful in a variety of client and server environments, also serving to alert e-commerce users of potential threats.

1. Introduction
For the effective operation of the web and e-commerce applications, security is a key issue. The security threats include access control violations, integrity violations, sabotage, fraud, privacy violations, as well as denial of service and infrastructure attacks. All of these threats collectively…...

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