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The ways computer application is embraced in every aspect of human life shows that every activity, organization cooperation, companies, hospitals; need to be computerized. Hospital activities are not left out. The information revolution that has moved from the individual age to the information age is a result of several developments in electronic and information. The high to revolution and computer in particular is availability of power at modest cost for the consumption of business organization makes the difference. Furthermore, it is very necessary to survey continually the use of the newly discovered or developers to make changes of existing technology. This fact points the need to document every aspect of computer system. Attention should be turned towards reduced need to understand the technicalities, which the system developers bothered with in order to design and implement a new system. The activities of hospital which includes personal record, drug inventory, disease inventory, death statistics and birth statistics keeps on growing from time to time due to apparent population explosion. These areas can benefit from the information technology tool called computer. The control and management of the data call for database management system (DBMS), which handle structure data that will store manual on card index or cabinet containing files, (Muzzi M, 2010).
Birth and death records are probably the most valuable source of archive information when trying to unravel family history in England and Wales. Until the summer of 1837, the main source of this information for England and Wales were parish records-details kept books. However in 1836 an act was published requiring that all births and deaths be registered. The idea was that a uniform and consistent system of recording would be…...

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