Designing a Winning Team

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Designing a Winning Team
By: Vadim Dyachenko
Management 521
Ross Hopkins

A company that employee’s more than 800 people has just realized there is a new market for their product. Leadership quickly assembled a new department in order to react and capitalize on the trend. It was thought that teams of four would be the most efficient way to move quickly and approached me with a proposal to run one of the teams. My manger has given me the results of my and three of my teammates, chosen by the leadership, personality test results. Putting me in charge to place everyone according to their strengths and weaknesses. Since we need to move quickly my team will be spearing a marketing and a sales blitz effort in order to gain a large market share on the product before it hits the general market. My goal is to create a democratic team that works together on all decisions and moves like a well-oiled machine. Placement of each member is more crucial in this leadership setting as everyone needs to pull equal weight, thus using factual and accurate test results are necessary to have a greater chance of success. Below is the breakdown of each team member personality analysis and the reason for placement in each position. Sasha scored ENTJ n his test results. This tells me primarily that he is a visionary, but has a low tolerance for incompetence. He works well with others and is very outgoing so being a leader comes naturally to Sasha. Placing him in a Senior Project Manager roll was an easy decision. He will be in charge of all projects and marketing campaigns for our line of products. This will include timelines, budgeting, controlling, as well as problem resolutions. This is where I will have to support Sasha as his weakness shown by test results is being argumentative. This is one of the reason I choose a democratic leadership approach, as it will be…...

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